Going on a date Easy Read

Going on a date

A clipboard with a green tick on it

This Easy Read give you tips for having a good date.

A woman is on her mobile phone talking to someone to tell them where she will be and what time she will be there

It is a good idea to tell someone where your date will be and what time.

A woman is holding her handbag up. Next to her is a picture of a mobile phone with an arrow going to her bag

If you have a mobile phone, take it on your date.

Make sure the battery in your phone is fully charged.

A mobile phone next to a £10 phonecard

Make sure you have mobile phone credit.

Three people outside a house standing on a pavement. Next to the house is a tree and behind the house is a church.

Meet your date in a public place where there are other people around.

A picture of a dark street with a street light not working has a red cross next to it

It is a bad idea to meet your date in a place where no one else will be, especially when it is dark.

A picture of a woman who has left her drink alone on the bar has a red cross over it.

If you are drinking, you should not leave your drink alone at any time.

An open purse showing pound notes and coins going into it.

Make sure you have enough money for travel, and to spend on your date.

A sheet of paper showing red bus next to a clock and a lot of times and locations. At the top of the paper it says Timetable

Have a copy of the timetable if you need a bus or train for travelling.

Two women are looking at each other and smiling. They are clinking their drinks together

Have a great time!