Global Developmental Delay

Global Developmental Delay

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What is global developmental delay?

Global developmental delay is sometimes called developmental delay.

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Children with global developmental delay do not start to do things as quickly as other children.  For example:

  • looking at people
  • moving around
  • learning to walk
  • learning to talk
  • holding a toy
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If you have Down syndrome or cerebral palsy, you might also have global developmental delay.

some calendar months

Global development delay and learning disability

Some children have global developmental delay for a short time.

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They have extra support or therapy and then start to do things at the same age as other children.

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Some children need extra support for a long time.

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This might be because they also have a learning disability .   

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Every child is different and will start to do things at different ages.

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It is important that your child gets extra support as soon as possible if they have global developmental delay.

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These organisations have lots of information and support if your child has global developmental delay:

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You can also contact the Learning Disability helpline for more information and support: