Advice for after a break up Easy Read

Advice for after a break up

A woman spending time with her two male friends

Spend time with your family and friends.

A woman with a ball above her head standing in front of healthy foods

Keep yourself healthy.

Exercise and eat well.

This will help you feel good.

Lots of different people doing different activities like; netball, painting, listening to music, playing cards, gardening and ten pin bowling

Keep yourself busy and do things you enjoy.

A woman holds a piece of paper whilst talking to someone at a table

Talk to people you trust about how you are feeling.

Take time to deal with this change.

A woman in a red beanie hat is writing something down at a desk

You can write about how you feel or do some art to show your feelings.

A woman thinking about texting and calling a friend with a red cross next to her

It is not good to follow your ex around.

It is not good to call or message them all the time.

They will want space.

Three pictures with a red cross over them. The pictures show: Facebook on a mobile, Twitter on a tablet and Facebook on a laptop

It is a bad idea to post about it on social media.

This could make people upset.

A woman telling three friends not to be friends with someone else

It is not nice to ask other people to stop being their friend.

A blank calendar with a clock beside a man and woman hugging and smiling

Do not rush into a new relationship while you still feel sad.

Wait until you are ready.

A woman with both her thumbs up smiling

It will be OK.