My younger sister, Claire, has Down's Syndrome and is currently approaching the end of her time at The Orpheus Centre college, and therefore full-time education.

Her skills and capabilities are many and varied and I know she could manage a job.

However, I think society could be doing more to support people with additional needs in employment.

I wanted to help spread the word that we will not only live in a fairer and more inclusive world if people with learning disabilities can go to work, but that we will benefit in many different ways if this was the case.

I didn't know exactly what I was going to film, there was no script. I just turned up, had a chat with my participants and asked them some questions about things which interested me! I liked the spontaneity and honesty in filming this way.

People do sometimes struggle to know that people with Down's Syndrome can have a job. It's really good to get the message out. You just have to be brave and confident and to build it up. I do sign language to help people with difficulties. I can help people who are deaf, too. I find it really amazing that it was so easy to communicate. - Eloise, Actor in possABILITY

I want people to understand the whole topic of people with learning disabilities in employment. I want them to know the advantages and disadvantages, so that the public can realise the differences between them and people with learning disabilities are not as great as they might think. I want the public to expect to see people with learning disabilities at work, and to be respectful and understanding when they do.

I think our world would be a nicer place to live if we all tried harder to understand how other people are feeling, and try to help based on that understanding. From my experience of working in a variety of settings, people with learning disabilities can often be more accepting of all of our differences. They know what it’s like to have their feelings and needs misunderstood.

People with learning disabilities can be role models to people without disabilities, in the ways that they support others.