So the training is well under way now! 

We have all been trying to meet up and run at least once a week to make sure we are on target for completing the gruelling 12 miles in August.

I will be running alongside 4 good friends who are all raising money for Mencap too.

I must say I feel totally underprepared but am hoping that my busy farming life will stand me in good stead for the event! I helped out with some tyre throwing last week when we got the silage in. Throwing 500 tyres onto 750 tonnes of silage was certainly a good workout in 27 degree heat!

We all did a charity run last week too. It was only 6 miles, but was a good test in super hot weather! We all completed the run in under 90 minutes which we were pleased with considering the heat.

The fundraising is also going really well! Mencap have asked that I raise £300, but I'd like to raise £400 to give Mencap the extra support they deserve. I've raised £220 so far, which is 55% of the £400 target I've set myself.

We have decided that if we haven't met our target by early August then we are going to arrange a "Spinathon" at our local spin club.

As a team we will aim to have someone on a spin bike for 24 hours, only stopping to swap people over! We will do this in the middle of our local town, so keep an eye out for photos over the coming weeks!

I think this will be a great way to help us reach our target ahead of our event in August.

I'm just about to head out and run around the farm this evening, so I'm signing off now!

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