The Parallel run is a 5km run for disabled and non-disabled runners - everybody can take part.

I took part in the Parallel Run on Sunday 4th September 2016 at the Olympic Park in Stratford where the London Olympic Games were held because I wanted to get fit any healthier.

I finished the run in 57 minutes and 29 seconds, that’s under an hour, a bloody good time I thought!

I am part of the Mencap Running Group. We meet every Wednesday at the Mencap National Centre and we go around the block. You can either run or walk, it’s entirely up to you.

I wanted to do the Parallel Run and inspire other people to do it as well. I will most definitely take part in Parallel Run 2017. I’ll be training very hard for next year - we’ve got to push ourselves harder.

I set up a Just Giving page and I want more people to donate. I’m raising money for Mencap. I just want to say, the more fundraising you do for Mencap the better – go for it!