The report, Being disabled in Britain – A journey less equal, shows that disabled people in Britain are more likely to be in food poverty than any other group and highlighted the barriers face by people with a disability in all areas of life, including employment, housing and education.

Jan Tregelles, Chief Executive of Mencap said:

“Rather than move forwards in the past 20 years this report shows how inadequate action and a constant stream of cuts have condemned disabled people to a life of poverty and inequality.

“With the employment rate for people with a learning disability currently standing at less than 6% and with cuts to Employment Support Allowance coming into effect this week, it’s not hard to see why so many disabled people are struggling to find money for things as basic as food. People with a learning disability also face inadequate housing, poor access to health care and a society that misunderstands them.

“This report underlines how cuts impact every aspect of the lives of people with a learning disability. The Government must take immediate action on the findings in this report and ensure their policy allows disabled people to be free from such a high risk of poverty and fully included in society.”

Mencap has listed 3 key steps of action which it urges the Government to take immediately:

  1. Tackle the appallingly low levels of learning disability employment, -which currently stands at just 5.8%- by improving support.
  2. Reverse damaging cuts and changes to key disability benefits including Employment Support Allowance and Personal Independence Payments.
  3. Address proposed changes to supported housing which could risk a housing crisis for people with a learning disability.