Jack Welch and Sam Jefferies, first appointed in July 2018, received unanimous approval by the Board of Trustees to continue in their respective roles for an additional 2 years. Their terms will expire in September 2022. 

The decision, presented by Mencap's Nominations Committee, was agreed in the board meeting that took place on 22 September 2020. 

Both Jack and Sam have been part of the Voices Council, previously Learning Disability Advisory Forum, since its formation in 2015. 

On the news, Jack reacted by saying:

"I'm thrilled to be continuing my role as Chair of the Voices Council. There so much which has already been accomplished, including our part in selecting the new CEO, and enabling our members to hold our meetings online, in light of COVID-19. There's plenty to keep our agendas busy and I'm sure the next two-years will be a productive time."

Sam, Vice-Chair, reflected:

“It’s an absolute pleasure I’m really excited to be able to continue my role as Vice Chair of the Voices Council within Mencap. 

"So much has already been achieved including the recruitment of the new CEO and recruitment of new trustees to the board. We have just set up online meetings so everyone in the Voices Council can join and meet virtually for meetings because of COVID-19 pandemic.  

"We have a lot on our agendas and I’m sure the next two years will exciting for us."

Derek Lewis, chair of the Mencap trustee board, said: 

“Jack and Sam have played vital roles in establishing the Voices Council as an essential part of Mencap’s governance. Under their leadership the Council has helped to ensure that the needs and aspirations of people with learning disabilities are fully understood and absolutely at the centre of our thinking and work.  We are all delighted that they have agreed to serve for a second term, and we look forward to further development of the work and influence of the Council.”

For more information about the Voices Council, please visit our Voices Council webpage on our website or email inclusion@mencap.org.uk.