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Becoming a Research Champion

Joining the ‘Research Champions’ group at Mencap - A blog by Lloyd Page

I recently joined the ‘Research Champions’ group at Mencap. This is a new monthly group for colleagues with a learning disability .

At this group we are going to learn more about research and develop our research skills. We will also discuss important research topics related to learning disability. And we will carry out our own research too. I think it’s important that people with a learning disability are included in carrying out research about their own lives. This is called inclusive research.

In the first Research Champions session last week, we learnt about ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ research. We also took part in a fun quiz at the end. There were two teams of 5, and we had to answer questions about if research was primary or secondary. Everyone had a great time, especially in the quiz! I found the quiz very interesting, exciting and useful.

Before the session, I helped the Research team to write the presentation. I helped with Easy Read pictures to make sure it was accessible and inclusive.

I learnt quite a lot from the first Research Champions group. I remember a lot of things. It was very interesting and I am looking forward to more Research Champions sessions.

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