Empowerment resources

Over the course of Treat Me Well we will be creating lots of resources to support the campaign and its goal to transform how the NHS treats people with a learning disability in hospital.

The following resources have been created to explain what rights people with a learning disability have when it comes to hospital care.

Woman stood in hospital speaking to two female hospital workers

Create your own Treat Me Well group

Around the country, groups are forming to campaign on health locally.

Want to set up your own group? Enter your details here to download our new easy read guide to setting up a campaign group.

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What are reasonable adjustments?

As part of our campaign, Treat Me Well, we want people to learn more about reasonable adjustments, which all people with a learning disability are entitled to.

Watch this video to find out what reasonable adjustments are and how they can help.

Become a Treat Me Well Champion

Do you know how many people with a learning disability die avoidably every year?

We asked doctors and nurses this simple question. Watch the video to see their answers.

We're calling on hospital staff to become Treat Me Well Champions. Be the change.

Sign up to become a Champion here.

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