What is the Disability Charities Consortium (DCC)?

The Disability Charities Consortium (DCC) brings together leaders from the UK’s leading not-for-profit disability organisations to work with the Government to make sure disabled people’s experiences are reflected in UK policy making.

Members of the Disability Charities Consortium (DCC)

The DCC members are:

What we want

The DCC have made this plan (PDF) to set out what we would like to see, as well as providing solutions and areas for change which we think must be at the heart of the Government's National Disability Strategy , to tackle the barriers that disabled people face in their daily lives.

The DCC would like to see the following things in the National Disability Strategy:

  • clear and sizeable actions that will be taken, including details of how long they will take, how much money is needed and how the success of these will be measured
  • checking and taking responsibility for progress, including leadership and involvement of disabled people
  • engagement with disabled people that is accessible and meaningful. Online data collection must be one part of a wider consultation , with many options for people to take part
  • clear, timely and accessible ways for people to take part and get updates on progress.
  • a clear way forward to bringing change to disabled people’s lives.

These are not all that the DCC are asking for, but they are the things that we think are the most important to be included in the National Disability Strategy.

We believe that the publication of the National Disability Strategy should only be the start and that there will need to be ongoing input from a range of communities and organisations represented by disabled people to shape how it is implemented and to make sure that progress is made. 

We also encourage others – disabled people and disabled people’s organisations – to share their views.

Mencap would also like to see the National Disability Strategy set out ways to change attitudes and tackle stigma and discrimination towards disabled people. As well as opening up more routes into things like employment and independent living in the community .

Read the DCC's plan here (PDF).

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