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What's the issue?

In England, 152,000 people with a learning disability get support from adult social care . The care needed varies from person to person, but one thing stays the same – people need this support to live the life they want. From support with washing yourself, to leaving home to see friends and family, social care makes all difference to how someone is able to live. 

Despite being essential, social care is not free for everyone. Some people have to pay for all or some of their social care from their disability benefits. This might be someone’s only source of income if they are not able to work. 

The Government sets the minimum amount that councils leave someone to live on – the Minimum Income Guarantee – but shockingly this is as little as £74 a week for a single person under 25.  

By their own admission*, the Government hasn’t even investigated whether this amount is currently enough for a disabled person to live on.

Campaign for change

We want the Government to increase the Minimum Income Guarantee by at least 10.1% from April 2023. Help us put pressure on the Government to change peoples lives for the better.

Write to your MP

Despite being told to take the extra costs of having a disability into account, the way that local authorities calculate a person’s contributions means people with a learning disability often have very little money left to live on.

The Government has committed to increase benefits from April 2023, but notthe Minimum Income Guarantee. If they don’t do the same for the money councils leave social care users with, people with a learning disability risk losing that much-needed extra cash in the blink of an eye.

"They are giving with one hand and taking away with another. It is unfair, wasteful and cruel."

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What is Mencap calling for?

Right now, we want the Government to increase the Minimum Income Guarantee by at least 10.1% from April 2023, so that disabled people who receive benefits and social care do not see a real-term cut in their incomes. 

In the longer term, benefits should not be counted as someone's income.

People with a learning disability should not be charged for their social care. 

What you can do to help

We need our supporters to send a message to their MP asking them to write to the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, urging him to increase the Minimum Income Guarantee.  

The Government will make a decision on this on 15 March in the Spring Budget , so we don't have much time.

Will you take action now to help the thousands of people with a learning disability who get care and have too little left to live on? 

Message your MP today using our handy form


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