What we asked for

  • We must never return to an era of institutional settings or go back on the progress we have made towards independent living
  • People with a learning disability must be able to enjoy long-term security and stability in their homes
  • Enough funding, as well as the right funding mechanism, must be available to provide all supported housing in the community for all people with a learning disability, including those with the most complex needs, when they need it.

Key statistics

  • The majority of adults with a learning disability want to live communally, either by themselves (40%) or sharing a home with friends (30%) (Mencap housing report)
  • 82% of local authorities report that there is a shortage of suitable housing for adults with a learning disability in their area (Mencap housing report)
  • 67% of local authorities say that it has become more difficult for adults with a learning disability to have their housing needs met (Mencap housing report)

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