What Mencap think about the name of Rosie Jones Channel 4 documentary

Rosie Jones actor and comedian with a disability

Rosie Jones is a comedian and actress with a disability.

Channel 4 logo

She has worked with Channel 4 to make a documentary about disability.

Image showing bullying

Channel 4 and Rosie hope that the documentary will let people know about the abuse that people with a disability get.

Am I a R****d? bad film name

The documentary has a name which upsets a lot of people: Am I a R****d?

person angry

People have told us that they are angry and upset by the name of this documentary.

Mencap logo

And Mencap are too.

easy read image

We hope the documentary shows the abuse people with a disability experience and we think it is important for people to talk about it so that we can stop this happening. 

thumb down not ok

But it is not ok to do this by using words which hurt and upset people.

Group of people having a meeting

Mencap are going to have a meeting with Channel 4.

To find out more about how they decided on the name of the documentary.

And how they included people with a learning disability in what they decided.

Find out what people think

We would like to hear what you think about the documentary and how it has made you feel.