What is an Easy Read?

What is an Easy Read?

A pile of easy read pages in a paperclip

Easy read is a way of sharing information.

A woman holding up an open book that says Easy Read on the cover

It uses easy words and short sentences to explain things.

A man reading an easy read booklet with the word Report on the cover

Easy Read uses pictures to help people understand the information.

An open book with the words Large Print on one page and 'Large print makes the words easier to read' on the other page

And uses big text to make it easier to read.

An easy read document

You can make things that are hard to understand into easy read.

Things like:

The front cover of a report in Easy Read format
  • Reports
A form in Easy Read format
  • Forms
A man holding up an instruction booklet
  • Instructions
A letter with a green tick in the top right corner
  • Letters
A group of people around a large meeting table and a list of things on a piece of paper
  • Agendas
A group of people in a meeting sitting around a desk. One man is standing up showing the others a piece of paper

If you have to use a hard word, you should explain what it means.

For example, an agenda is a list of things to talk about at a meeting.

A woman holding up a clipboard with a green tick on it. Her other hand is raised with her thumbs up

Using Easy Read is a good way to help people:

A man is holding up a board and looking at it thinking. On the board are the words Yes and No with question marks underneath them
  • Make choices
A woman stuffing envelopes at a desk saying "Help please."
  • Ask for help
A smiling man with one hand raised and the other pointing to his chest
  • Be more independent
A UN Disability Rights poster with three people with disabilities pointing to it
  • Know their rights
A woman holding up a completed questionnaire with the box 'Not sure' ticked
  • Understand questions they need to answer
A group of workers are meeting and talking to people with learning disabilities
  • When you make easy read information, it is good to work with people with a Learning disability .   
A magnifying glass over lots of different easy reads

We have made an Easy Read library where you can search through all our Easy Reads.

Visit the Easy Read library.