Learning Disability Week 2023

Learning Disability Week 2023

A group of people waving and holding thumbs up, smiling and facing the camera. In front of them a sign reads Learning Disability Week 2023 19 - 25 June #LDWeek23

Every year we celebrate Learning Disability Week.

Two people talking with speech bubbles coming from their mouths

It is a week where people show what life is like if you have a learning disability .

A man holds up a clipboard with red crosses on it

This year we want people to help bust myths about living life with a learning disability.

A man in a suit holds his hand to his chin. A thought bubble with a red cross inside is above his head.

A myth is an idea about something that is not true.

A man points to a sign he is holding which has a red cross and "Not true!" written on it

Busting a myth means showing why an idea about something is not true.

A woman gives a thumbs down sign standing in front of a list with red crosses

For example, you could bust a myth to show people with a learning disability can:

A woman sitting at a desk holding a phone to her ear, with a computer in front of her.
  • Get a job
A man and woman face each other holding hands across a table with flowers behind them.
  • have a relationship
A woman writes on a piece of paper on a table in front of her, while a man sitting next to her points
  • learn new things.

A man points at the camera and smiles.

We want people with a learning disability to help us bust myths this year!

A man smiles and holds a clipboard with green ticks on

That means showing the public things that people with a learning disability can do, are good at, or are proud of.

A father and daughter sit facing each other talking

Or telling people about the issues that affect you.

Day calendar reading June 19

Learning Disability Week starts on Monday June 19 2023.

A man shouting with his hand to his mouth and a speech bubble over his head.

What do you want to tell the world about your life?