Draught excluders

Draught excluders

Woman with speech bubble talking

This easy read information is about draught excluders.  You say draught like draft.

A lady sitting on a chair with cold air blowing around her.

A draught is when you can feel cold air blowing into a room.

A closed window with cold air coming in either side of it.

The cold air often comes in a gap by a window or a door when they are closed.

A draught excluder by a window.

A draught excluder is a long piece of metal, wood or material.   

A draught excluder.

A material draught excluder looks a bit like a long sausage. 

A draught excluder with arrows pointing towards a window where cold air is coming in.

You can put a draught excluder on a window sill or at the bottom of a door if you can feel cold air coming in.

A house with cold air going towards a window and then turning away from the window.

It will help to keep the cold air out of your home.

A radiator with heat coming off it.

And it will help to keep the warm air in your home.

A lady falling over.

If you put a draught excluder on the floor at the bottom of a door, be careful not to trip over it!

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