Annual review: Support

Annual review: Support

A group of people - two women standing and a man sitting down

Making sure that our support is right for people and makes their lives better


Some of our main work

Two people taking in British Sign Language

We gave support to many people with a learning disability in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We worked hard to do that during Covid-19.

A woman in a wheelchair being shown a tablet by a support worker.

Our support services help people to do important things like:

  • Go shopping and cook.
  • Get a job.
A man with his thumbs up smiling
  • Meet friends and do new things.
  • Use computers and the internet.

We want to support people with a learning disability to have the life they want.

Two men talking at a table

We started an exciting new way to do that.

We plan to ask people every year about different parts of their lives.

Like money and relationships .

A woman thinking with a tick and a cross symbol in a thought bubble

That will help people to decide what is working well for them and what they want to change.

Then we can support people to make the changes they want.

A woman reading and smiling

We are also trying out a new way to work with our support staff.

For example, we are making sure that they have better information and support.

Two women talking over a coffee at a table

And we are making sure they can make more decisions on their own.

That should help our staff to work better with people with a learning disability to give them the support they want.

We will see how this idea works in more support services next year.

A builder building a wall

Getting ready for work

We have supported many people with a learning disability to get work or lean important skills for work.

For example, we are supporting many companies to give work and training to people with a learning disability.

A couple talking two small children for a walk down a street

Other work

  • We have some projects to give better support to children and families.
  • We also looked at many of the support services we give people. That helped us to see what to carry on and what to change.