"You know nothing, Jon Snow”.

The lines are iconic. But, turns out, he actually does know something (take that Ygritte!)… or at least Kit Harington (the actor behind the luscious locks) does.

I am a self confessed Game of Thrones fan. I’ve read all the books and watched every episode. I’ve gasped, I’ve shouted and I’ve sobbed.

As such, I was more excited than a Fray at a wedding when I learnt that Kit Harington, who plays Jon “you know nothing” Snow, was going to become an ambassador for Mencap.

Yes, part of this is down to me being a bit of a fangirl, but what excited me most was the fact that his support would help more people understand the reality of life for people with a learning disability. That’s what this video is all about; as I like to put it, “awareness is coming!” but, if you are a G.O.T fan like myself, you may get distracted by our favourite b*stard and miss the important issues he raises. So, here is a lowdown.

Jon Snow knows...

There are 1.5 million people in the UK with a learning disability

A learning disability is a reduced intellectual ability and difficulty with everyday activities – for example household tasks, socialising or managing money – which affects someone for their whole life.

Everyone deserves good quality healthcare

That’s obvious right? But sadly not everyone in the UK is receiving equal healthcare. In fact, 1,200 people with a learning disability are dying prematurely in the NHS every year. That’s 3 people a day.

Children and young people with a learning disability should have equal access to education

School can be a tough time. For the 1.8 million pupils in England with special educational needs (SEN) it can be even tougher.

We believe that the education system must be set up so mainstream schools and further education provision fully include children and young people with a learning disability.

Everyone deserves equal access to work

Approximately 8 out of 10 working age people with a mild or moderate learning disability could work and want to work, but less than 2 in 10 are in employment.

It’s time for employers to recognise people’s potential.

People with a learning disability deserve the same chances as everyone else to go out and have fun

Instead, 56% of disabled people say that they have experienced hostility, aggression or violence from a stranger because of their disability.

There are 200 children born each week who will have a learning disability

Most of these children will experience inequalities in every area of their lives.

But, Jon Snow also knows that Mencap is here to help. 

Like Kit, we want to make sure that everyone in the UK with a learning disability is valued equally, listened to and included. Because, with the right support, people with a learning disability can live the lives they choose. 

Help us in our fight by sharing Kit's video and showing your friends that you know just as much as Jon Snow.

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