People with a learning disability have a right to a decent life but we still face barriers. We can take action to help overcome these barriers. Another word for this is campaigning.

You can campaign by sending letters or visiting your MP but campaigning online is the newest way to get attention for a cause from the public and from people making important decisions.

It’s so important for people with a learning disability to have a say and fight for his or her rights.

It’s good to get help from organisations like Mencap with campaigning so that reaching the public will be more efficient, especially online. A lot of people share things like blogs, tweets and videos to highlight what needs to be done.

People with all disabilities should campaign online, as it is a modern way of reaching an audience and getting yourself heard. 

From signing online actions, to making a plea on social media or even making videos to raise awareness about the cause, there are lots of actions to take online.

Mencap campaign on causes like learning disability healthcare and benefit cuts. 

I have tweeted about most campaigns that Mencap run and I do e action forms, to send a message to my MP. This means he can deal with a serious matter that I care about and he may reply or his PA might.

Social media is available twenty four hours a day so causes can get heard all the time. I have a learning disability and use social media quite well, so I share important causes online.

I work in the digital team at Mencap but I also like to know what causes will be put forward to be campaigned about for people with a learning disability.

At the moment there are a lot of plans to change benefits being discussed in Parliament, so Mencap’s campaigns team are fighting against cuts.

The Hear my voice campaign was launched last year and people with a learning disability sent their stories to their MPs, asking them to listen. It had a huge following with the public and MPs, especially over election time last year. It's on the Mencap website, which is very accessible with videos to watch and blogs to read.

As a person with a learning disability I feel Mencap campaigns are very accessible, we put the reading matter into easy read and have a lot of videos and pictures to look at. I assist with this by inspecting any new material to check for accessibility.

Mencap believes in empowerment and that people with a learning disability must have their voices heard on what it is important!