We spoke to a number of different people with a learning disability to hear what they thought about the following question that OkCupid asks users on their website:

Would the world be a better place if people with low IQs were not allowed to reproduce?

We asked for people's reactions to this offensive question and if they had anything they'd like to say directly to OkCupid.


I'd like to tell OkCupid to remove the question from their website because it's insulting and discriminating to people with a learning disability, like me. So I want them to remove it and to apologise.

Richard and Esther

Richard: That question is disgusting. 

Esther: I feel that it's discriminating against people with a learning disability, and it's patronising. People with a learning disability should have to right to be in a relationship, the same as everyone else. So please do not discriminate or patronise us. Give people with a learning disability a chance. Let them go out into the world and find love, because they are as entitled to that as everyone else. 

R: I just think the question is disgusting and outrageous and it makes me angry.  

E: I think the question should be banned from the website. Don't patronise people with a learning disability. Give people with a learning disability a chance, put them out there. They have the same right to have a relationship as everybody else. 

R: I would shut the website down, full stop! I think that people with a learning disability should be able to have children. If you want to have children, go for it. Why not? 

E: I feel that people with a learning disability can have children with the right support. If they have a loving family and can care for a child, and can help the child to grow up and have relationships of their own. Anyone can do it with the right support and love.  

R: I'd like to tell OkCupid not to judge people with a learning disability. At the end of the day we're human beings, we're just like everyone else.  

E: People with a learning disability deserve to be respected. They shouldn't be discriminated or patronised. We're strong, we can have a relationship, we can do the same things as everyone else. Respect us.  


That question is not right at all. We should be allowed to reproduce. I feel quite upset even answering the question and I'm sure other people who see it will feel upset too. 

I want to say to OkCupid that that question should be taken off. I think anyone can have children, even people with a learning disability, with the right support. 

Everyone should have the power to choose what they want to do with their life. 

Darren and Helen

Darren: I think OkCupid's question is very inappropriate and to put something like that on a website is wrong and it should be banned. 

Helen: Yes, we're just like everyone else, Darren and I love each other. People shouldn't judge us, and we should have choices just like everybody else. Just because we have a learning disability, it doesn't mean we shouldn't have kids or have the choice to have a child. 

D: I agree with Helen, I think they should take it off their website. It's going to upset a lot of people, it should be banned and OkCupid should be banned too! 

Vince and Katy

Vince: I feel disgusted. A person with a low IQ or learning disability is still a living human being, and if they want to have a relationship or children then they can. 

Katy: I think that question is very discriminatory, it shouldn't be on the website. A relationship is a human right; everyone is entitled to have a relationship, a person with a learning disability might just need a little bit more help. 

V: I think OkCupid should remove that question from their website, because they're discriminating against people with a learning disability. 

K: I don't think they're being very considerate of people's feelings. I'd tell them where to shove it! 


That is not on, that question is really unacceptable. I feel extremely hurt by the question, it makes me feel angry and a bit upset too, to be honest with you. People with learning disabilities should be allowed to reproduce and have a family. That question is out of order. 

OkCupid you should get that question off your website, it's not good for people with learning disabilities, it sets a bad example. So please take the message down. 


I think that question is a disgrace. I think it's a discriminative and unpleasant thing to have to read whilst building your profile. I think it's disgusting and that OkCupid are discriminating against people with a learning disability.  

I think the question needs to be removed right now. It's discriminatory to people with a learning disability. People with a learning disability can have children and relationships, and they should be made to feel welcome on dating websites.  

It's wrong to discriminate and I think OkCupid have made a very big mistake in having that question on their site. We're going to carry on campaigning until it's taken down.