Inspired by his brother, Nick Look took on the challenge of cycling the equivalent distance from the top to the bottom of the UK – and back again!

In the process he raised over £5,000 for Keynsham Mencap, and proved that Down’s syndrome isn’t a barrier to living a healthy lifestyle. He lost 10 pounds through a recent cycling challenge, but lost over six stone a few years ago through Slimming World - an incredible achievement! 
"My name is Nicholas Look but my friends call me Nick. I am 40 years old. I live in my own flat in Gloucestershire. I do have three brothers and they are older than me. I work for Brandon Trust at Grimsbury Farm Cafe. I am a volunteer working at the Baptist church in Chipping Sodbury, where I am a kitchen assistant. We cook dinner for much older people. I do have another voluntary job. I work for my Mum for one day a week to help her with heavy jobs. I cut the grass too. 

I stayed with my Mum during the first lockdown two years ago. I went on Mum’s exercise bike to keep fit. My brother Dan cycled from John O’Groats to Lands’ End. We went to see him do it. I decided to do it too and to do a cycling challenge to raise money for Keynsham Mencap. Mum put a map on the wall so I could see where I am going.

I cycled every day on the exercise bike. I watched a DVD at the same time, and did two or three hours on the bike every day."

Nick challenged himself to cycle the equivalent distance from John O'Groats to Lands' End

My sister-in- law  called Aude started cycling to John O’Groats. I decided to challenge Aude and try to catch up with her. I cycled back to John O’Groats.  I caught her up in Scotland and went past her. I felt so proud of myself. I raised quite a lot of money with the cycle challenge. It was £5,300. I do appreciate the kind people who gave me money for the challenge. I did it to lose weight and help Keynsham Mencap. They do put on lots of lovely activities and holidays for people with my needs. 

I have lost quite a lot of weight. I was 17 stone 7 pounds. I am 11 stone now. I joined Slimming World with my Mum. Now I go by myself. They helped me to cook healthy meals. They gave me lots of certificates when I lost weight. I wanted to be slim so I could buy nice clothes and be more attractive to the girls! 

In my spare time I do enjoy meeting up with my friends. I like going out with my brothers’ mates. I like going out for meals, doing karaoke, going to discos, going to the cinema and theatre and going on holidays. I am a big fan of James Bond. I like all the films and I have joined the James Bond fan club on Facebook.  

My life with Down’s syndrome is pretty good. I have loads of friends and a wonderful family. I would tell the world that you can have a happy life even if you do have a disability. Please be patient if we have a speech impediment. We have feelings so don’t make fun of us if we are not like you. But we must remember to always say “thank you” to people who help us."