I got it from a fright and my lollipop got stuck in my throat.

All I know is that I ended up in hospital, and after that I was confined to a wheelchair. But life didn’t stop there – I was determined to walk and talk again!

Doctors didn’t know if I would ever walk and talk again. But remember – never say never! I proved them wrong and was walking and talking again when I was about 12.

I started school from an early age. I attended a special school with specialist physiotherapists and a speech therapist. I thoroughly enjoyed my special school. I loved my special school. I did pottery, cookery, played wheelchair basketball, wheelchair hockey, wheelchair volleyball and I did swimming. I got a certificate for swimming!

Swimming and physiotherapy helped me to walk again. With my speech – we had speech therapy. That was interesting. There was a machine that made noises like a cow, a pig, and a horse. I did the noises of the animals and eventually I started talking again.

I feel so proud of what I achieved during my school years. Facing these challenges from an early age gave me more of a chance to successfully aim high and walk and talk again. And this was a huge part of my entire life which made me realise there is always room for more improvements and achievements.

For me there have been challenges, but I stepped up and proved to everyone how far you can go if you try. I went from being in a wheelchair but now just use the aid of a walking stick. I have a worthwhile job and can achieve a lot more than people can ever think.

Having a learning disability is not what we choose - it’s not easy having a learning disability when some people in the public or even your own family are negative, but that doesn’t stop me from staying, thinking and doing.

Positive thinking is right on! Negative thinking isn’t acceptable so please don’t have negative thoughts as they can hold you back from achieving your goals, but I’ve proved it you, positivity rocks and nothing will stop me.

The best is yet to come from me! Important things lay ahead!

For me there have been challenges, but I stepped up and proved to everyone how far you can go if you try.