Mira is a member of Mencap staff who works in our pensions & benefits team. She has been a ​Mencap visitor since 2017 ​visiting Anna. She is also ​a Mencap Visiting ​ Service Trustee. 

This is her story...

​I wanted to do something more than just working for Mencap so I could engage more closely with someone with a learning disability outside work.​

I love visiting Anna.

She always amazes me with her positive attitude and big smile. She is also very generous in her ways. We both enjoy our time together and try to do different things each time. Covid had restricted this somewhat more recently but with things going back to normal we can resume our activities.​

​“It makes me feel happy.  Very often Anna’s housemate joins us as she does not like to leave her out. You learn from this type of generosity and kindness.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity.”​