Hand picture

Photographer India Whiley-Morton took the photos of our Myth Busters.  

She really wanted to be involved in the project because she has a family member with a learning disability

Auntie Frances India and her Auntie Frances

“I’ve grown up with my Auntie Frances who has a learning disability and she is the life and soul of my family. 

“When Mencap approached me about capturing these amazing Myth Busters on camera, I was really keen to be involved.”

“I wanted to be part of this campaign to show the amazing personalities that exist in the learning disability community ."

India photographing Mythbuster Ellie Goldstein India photographing Mythbuster Ellie Goldstein

I loved working with each and every one of the Myth Busters - hearing all their stories, learning about their passions and having a dance with them while shooting. It was great fun and everyone was amazing.”