I have Down's syndrome, for me that's normal. I don't feel any different to anyone else at all. I want other people with Down's syndrome to feel normal too.

I think World Down's Syndrome Day is good; it makes people aware of the disability.

People who don't have Down's syndrome don't know what it's like to have it, and they might treat someone differently because they have it.

My advice would be to try and understand what Down's syndrome is. I would say that it is one of those disabilities where you need extra help  Like me; I need to wear glasses and sometimes need help with reading, but I've still managed to achieve pretty much everything I want; like becoming an actor and a singer, and being who I am now.

I am proud of Mencap's Here I Am campaign because it shows people who I am. I like my photo because I am sticking my tongue out and I look happy. 

I hope Here I Am helps people to understand learning disability and how to support someone with Down's syndrome.

At the moment I think it's half and half; half the people understand Down's syndrome and are aware of it, and the other half don't and they treat people with Down's syndrome differently. I would like to see people being positive about Down's syndrome, with better attitudes.

I think everyone with Down's syndrome should be able to live independently and have a job - like me. In the future I would like to get married and achieve more at work; with Mencap and as an actor by reaching out and being part of bigger plays.

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Photo credit: Rankin

Here I Am

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