The MPs are looking at a petition started by the celebrity Katie Price about the awful abuse her son Harvey (pictured below) has received on Twitter because he is mixed race and has a learning disability .

Woman smiling at her young son who is sat next to her smiling at her with his mouth open


Katie was also at the meeting with her Mum and spoke really strongly about why the law needed to change to stop this type of abuse.

After Katie had spoken I got to talk about my personal experience of dealing with trolls and in particular a bad experience I’d had on Facebook when someone called me a ‘retard’.

I thought the meeting went really well and I spoke about things Twitter and Facebook can do to stop this cyber bullying and how they can make it easier to report it.

I felt the MPs listened to what I had to say and were very considerate. They had tried to make the meeting more accessible by giving me the questions before hand so we’d had some time to prepare my answers. I also had some support from our Parliamentary Manager Rob Holland.

As part of their inquiry the Chair of the Committee Helen Jones MP (pictured below) visited Mencap to talk to some of my colleagues which shows I think they are taking this very seriously and really want to hear from people with a learning disability themselves.

Group of people stood together inside an office, giving the thumbs up sign


You can watch Amy give evidence at the meeting online here.