Seven years ago I took part in the Mencap Shine Project; an employment project which helps people with a learning disability find work placements and identify new skills.

After getting my job at Tesco's I decided I wanted to run the2017 London Marathon for #TeamMencap.

Woman wearing a Mencap running vest, running alongside a man who is her guide runner.
Charlotte (left) with her guide runner, Neil.


I have little vision when I'm not wearing my glasses and I also need to be prompted to pick up my feet when I get tired.

Because of this, I run with a guide who makes sure I know where I am running and I pick my feet up when I am flagging.

I raised over £7,000 for the 2017 London Marathon. It was such an amazing feeling to start the race knowing I had raised so much money that will go towards supporting people with a learning disability.

I had fantastic support from the team at Mencap, they were there to talk through any worries I had and gave me big cheers on marathon day.

After 2017, I also ran the London Marathon in 2018, which was even hotter than the year before! I am also running the Berlin Marathon this September as I want to do all of the World Majors.

I am proud of everything I have achieved as it is really important to raise money for people with a learning disability as their voices and opinions are not always heard and this is something Mencap is changing!