I use the internet to chat with other people, look at messages and photos and play games.

I have good experiences of using the internet when I get to speak to people via video calls and keep up with my friends. I use the internet even more now because of COVID-19.

I had a bad experience on Facebook. I was added to a group by someone I thought was my friend. But she did not like the guy I was friends with, so she got her friends to get pictures of me and the guy I was seeing and put them on the internet.

She was showing everyone my pictures on Facebook and they were making nasty comments about the pictures.

Afterwards they started to make threatening comments to me, saying they would send someone around to my house with a knife. 

I was out with my mum and she saw the messages and reported to the staff at my supported living house. 

My Mum came over and the police were called. The police came and had a chat with me.

The police found out the information for these people and they knew of some of the people involved in the bullying. They went round to their homes and spoke with them and told them they needed to stop. They also called some people as well and had a chat with them.

The police supported me to have the ‘chat box’ deleted and since then I have not had contact with them any of the people that were involved.

I had really bad nightmares after this happened, but sharing what I was going through helped. The threatening comments were the worst and it took a long time for me to feel safe in my home.

I try to stay safe online by only speaking to people I know using their private inbox. I still have these feelings.

Before answering the door, I always look out of the window to check that it is a person I know. I also now have a video phone to be able to see who is at the door. It makes me feel safer.

I would suggest to people to be very careful who you trust online. If you think you are being bullied, share this with someone you trust and get help. And never share private information with anyone online.

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We are using the internet more than ever during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s so important we all know how to stay safe from harm and abuse online.

If you or someone you support might need support being safe using the internet, please take a look at this information on our website.

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