How to spot a scam and protect yourself

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Thousands of people get scammed everyday.

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A scam is when someone tries to take your money by pretending to help you, or by offering you something which they are not going to give you.

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You can get scammed by people over the phone, online and by email.

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'How to protect yourself from scams' Easy Read

We've created an Easy Read in partnership with the Take Five campaign and UK Finance about how to protect yourself from scams. It tells you how to spot scams from people you don't know that phone you or talk to you online.

About the Easy Read

In this video, Ismail introduces the 'How to protect yourself from scams' Easy Read which he worked on.

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How to stop the scammers

"There are so many different ways that scammers try to trick you, it’s important to make sure you know what to do if you are being scammed or think you have been scammed." 

Read Ismail's' blog about how to stop the scammers.

In their Take Five campaign, UK Finance urge everyone to:

  • Stop before you share information or pay money.
  • Think: 'Is this a scam, or is this real?'
  • Get help if you think you may have given information or money to someone as part of a scam.
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Meeting people online

If you're looking to make new friends online, we've made an Easy Read to help you stay safe from people who pretend to be someone else or tell you lies.

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