Online relationships and staying safe Easy Read

Online relationships and staying safe

A woman holding a tablet having an online meeting with 5 people

The internet can be a good way to keep in touch with friends.

A safety warning sign above a man sitting at a desk using a laptop to surf the internet by typing www.

It is important to know how to keep safe using the internet.

a picture of someone crossing their fingers behind their back on a laptop screen

People can tell lies on the internet.

A man using a laptop to talk to someone called Ross online. Above the computer is a safety warning sign.

People may not be what they seem.

People can use different names and pretend to be someone else.

A black silhouette of 4 people. One is waving. Inside the silhouette is a white question mark

If you do not know the person in real life, then they are a stranger to you.

A woman with her finger on her lips and a sign saying Confidential

Never give out personal information to strangers like: your name, your address, family information, your phone number or your bank details.

A laptop screen showing someone's password and a picture of a woman with her finger to her lips

Keep your password private.

This will keep your information safe.

A woman helping a man with his computer work sitting at the same desk

Ask for help if you do not know how to use the internet and want to try it out.

There are people that can help you learn to use it and keep safe.

A man typing on social media with a safety warning sign above hime

Be careful what you post online.

Everyone can see what you post online.

Nothing is private.

A woman opening her door to a silhouette of a man with a red cross over him

Do not tell people on the internet where you are, or post about being home alone.

A woman is thinking about the people she sees online

Be careful when adding people on social media.

Ask  yourself:

  • Do I know this person?
  • How well do I know them?
  • Do I trust them?
A smiling counsellor talking to a woman

If you are getting nasty  messages online, tell someone you trust.

They will help you look for ways to stop the messages.

A man at a laptop downloading a picture of someone.

People can save photos that you send them online, through messages or Snapchat.

Six photographs of a private nature next to a safety warning sign

If you send photos of your private parts, people can save these photos and post them online.

A laptop screen showing a couple holding hands at a table with www. written underneath them

If you want to use a dating site, you can ask someone who supports you to find the right one.

Two men shaking hands on a park bench

If you meet someone through a dating agency, you should meet in a public place and tell someone.

A man with a supporter meeting a woman and talking

A good dating agency will have someone to support your first date if you want that.