About Mencap's CQC ratings

We manage services at 82 registered locations across England, all of which are regulated and are subject to inspection by the Care Quality Commission (all have been inspected). 

Of those inspected...

  • 4 services have been rated as Outstanding
  • 70 are Good
  • 8 Require Improvement

This means our overall CQC compliance rating is 90.2% 
(data gathered 11/04/2024)

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The Care Quality Commission rates each of our services as Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvements or Inadequate. 

Click each of the categories below to see how our services have been rated. Or you can use the map below to browse services by location.


East Fields

Mencap Portland Services 

Northumberland Mid & North Domiciliary Care Agency

Royal Mencap Society - Lincolnshire Domiciliary Care Agency 


92 North Street

Arbor Way

Barnsley Mencap

Bluebell House

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Domiciliary Care Agency

Chestnut House

Cinnamon House

Cottingham Road

Curlew Close

Dolphin Court

Hales Lodge

Hardy Drive

Hertfordshire Domiciliary Care Agency

Hulse Road

Leicestershire Community Support Scheme

Mellor House

Mencap - Dorset Support Service

Mencap - East Cornwall Support Service

Mencap - Ipswich and Central Suffolk Domiciliary Care Agency

Mencap - Kent and East Sussex Domiciliary Care Agency

Mencap - Mansfield Domiciliary Care Agency

Mencap - March Domiciliary Care Agency

Mencap - Merseyside and Lancashire Support Service

Mencap - Newark Domiciliary Care Agency

Mencap - Surrey and Sussex Supported Living

Mencap - Teeside Domiciliary Care Agency

Mencap - Trowbridge

Mencap - West Suffolk Domiciliary Care Agency

Mencap - Yeovil Support Service

Mencap Central Notts Services

Mencap Derbyshire and Derby City Domiciliary Care Agency

Mencap North East (Durham, Gateshead, Darlington, Northumberland South & South Tyneside) DCA

Mencap North Notts Services

Mencap South Notts Services

Mencap York Domiciliary Care

Montague Street Care Home

Northamptonshire Domiciliary Care Agency

North Hants, Beds and Bucks Domiciliary Care Office

Plymouth Support Service

Rochdale Area B

Royal Mencap Society - 1-2 St Albans Close

Royal Mencap Society - 145 Kingsley Road

Royal Mencap Society - 17 Flaxfield Road

Royal Mencap Society - 178 London Road

Royal Mencap Society - 2 Conroy Close

Royal Mencap Society - 2 Meadow View

Royal Mencap Society - 22 Lamberts (Daisy)

Royal Mencap Society - 25 Barossa Road

Royal Mencap Society - 25 The Sandfield

Royal Mencap Society - 30 Foster Court

Royal Mencap Society - 32 Kings Lane

Royal Mencap Society - 4 Meadow View

Royal Mencap Society - 6 Lamberts (Foxglove)

Royal Mencap Society - 62 Wright Street

Royal Mencap Society - 71 Middleton Avenue

Royal Mencap Society - 9-10 Jutland Place

Royal Mencap Society - Church Road

Royal Mencap Society - Essex Domiciliary Care

Royal Mencap Society - Domiciliary Care Services and Shared Lives - West London

Royal Mencap Society - Drummond Court

Royal Mencap Society - Hull Domiciliary Care Agency

Royal Mencap Society - Rotherham and Sheffield Domiciliary Care Agency

Royal Mencap Society - Woodlands Residential Home

Shining Star


St Ives Close

The Old Rectory

Warwickshire Supported Living 

West Cornwall Support Service 

Westley Brook Close

Requires Improvement

Doncaster Community Support*

Penrith Drive*

Royal Mencap Society - Central Hampshire*

Royal Mencap Society - Domiciliary Care Services - North London*

Royal Mencap Society - Norfolk Domiciliary Care Agency

Royal Mencap Society - North Suffolk and Coastal Domiciliary Care Agency

South Street*

Taunton Deane Support Services*

*Sometimes when we receive a 'Requires Improvement' rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), they issue us with a Requirement Notice.

They do this because:

  • They consider we are in breach of a legal requirement
  • We need to improve care standards
  • The people using our service are not at immediate risk of harm

When we receive a Requirement Notice, we must send a report to the CQC to say what action we are going to take. The Requirement Notice remains in place until the CQC has re-inspected the location.

We currently have 6 services where the CQC has issued us with a Requirement Notice(s) and these are our action plans:

Action plan for Royal Mencap Society - Domiciliary Care Services - North London

Action plan for Royal Mencap Society - Central Hampshire

Action plan for Taunton Deane Support Services

Action plan for Penrith Drive 

Action plan for Doncaster Community Support 

Action plan for South Street


We do not have any services rated as Inadequate.


Services not yet inspected

All our services have been inspected.

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How we achieve high quality in our services

Mencap is committed to being open about the quality of services we offer people with a learning disability .

We believe that everybody should have the best quality of life. This means we continually improve the quality of services that we offer.

All our services work within our quality and practice framework, What Matters Most and our practice framework.

Two people stood back to back on a beach

When we get a Requires Improvement or Inadequate rating

We take it very seriously when a service is rated as Requires Improvement or Inadequate, because this means that the quality of life for people in services isn't as good as it should be.

If this happens, the Quality team will support our operational colleagues within the service as soon as possible to develop and monitor an improvement plan (the 5 P's).

Types of service

There are four key types of service that we provide. Click each of the service types below to find out more.

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Residential Care Home

A care home is a place where personal care and accommodation are provided together. 

People may live in the service for short ( respite ) or long periods of time. For many people, it is their sole place of residence and so it becomes their home, although they do not legally own or rent it.

Both the accommodation and the care that people receive are regulated by CQC.

Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary Care is where we provide personal care to people living in their own home in order to promote their independence .

Supported Living

Supported Living is where we provide care and/or support to people living in their own homes. The needs of people may vary greatly - they may require additional support with household tasks, personal care or any other activity that allows them to maintain their independence and quality of life.

If the person requires support with personal care (e.g. washing, bathing or cleaning themselves, getting dressed or going to the toilet), then this support is regulated by CQC.

Shared Lives

Shared Lives is care and/or support provided by individuals, couples and families who have approved and trained for that role by the service registered with CQC.

We appreciate your feedback

We're always happy to be told when we've done something well, but equally, if you feel dissatisfied or unhappy about something that we've done, please contact us about your concerns.

Email us at complaints@mencap.org.uk or complete our online feedback form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.