Early years

We can help you find the advice and support that's right for your family - from the earliest years to young adulthood.

Your child's rights in education

Your child has a legal right to receive not just an education, but an education that meets their needs. Find out more about how you and your child are protected by law. 

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School years

After school

Transition into adult services

After education or training - what next? See what options there are and how you or your child's services will change.

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Other support available to you

Family stood in front of brick wall

Join FamilyHub!

To celebrate our 70th birthday, and in honour of Judy Fryd's work, we've launched a new online community for parents of children with a learning disability. Parents, like Judy, who are seeking advice and support from others like them.

FamilyHub is a community to share your experiences, triumphs and challenges.

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How to get the support you need

Contact Mencap Direct, our advice and support helpline, for guidance and information about what support we can offer you.

Or why not take a look at FamilyHub? This is our online community for parents and family carers of people with a learning disability, and is a place for sharing experiences, advice and support.

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