The group worked together every Thursday to plan a develop their allotment.

They then held an event on 1 December 2016 to celebrate their hard work and enable them to proudly show their plot to the guests.

Three people stood in allotment with wheelbarrows and garden spades.

About the project

The plot was originally undeveloped and overgrown. The team's aim was to create a safe and accessible allotment where people could come to learn and work together to continue developing the space.

The group have created a pond, a pathway, pruned the apple trees, learned about compost which then went into raised bedding, and prepared a large section of the plot ready for sowing seeds. They also planted fruit bushes along the edge of the plot which will grow into a natural barrier.

The group also picked apples and made their own apple juice on site, which was served at the event!

Thanks to this project all the learners developed:

  • confidence
  • gardening skills
  • co-ordination
  • communication and teamwork
  • organisational and timekeeping skills
  • relationship building.
Group of people stood in garden. Each person is holding a piece of paper with a letter on it. Together the letters spell "thank you".

William and Mbuelo's story

William is interested in finding a job in gardening and this project has provided him with vital experience and skills. Furthermore, the project provided a calm, safe space where he can take his mind off some of the difficulties he is facing and working through.

Mbubelo is unable to communicate verbally and received one to one support during each of the sessions. At the beginning of the project Mbubelo would remain separate, lacking the confidence to engage with the group. However, as the weeks progressed Mbubelo became more and more involved and began to communicate with the group by high-fiving and clapping for a good job, a wonderful transformation.

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