Fact sheet 6: Financial support for workplace adjustments: Access to Work

Access to Work is a discretionary government scheme that helps pay for workplace adjustments, such as a job coach.  It can also help with extra employment costs that result from a person’s disability. This can include a workplace assessment , Mental Health Support Service assistance or a contribution towards specialist aids or equipment that might be required in the workplace. These would be in addition to an employer’s reasonable adjustments obligations as part of the Equality Act 2010.

People with higher in-work support needs, can also apply to Access to Work Plus.  Access to Work Plus can provide additional funding for things like adjustments to buildings or workplaces, job coaches and fund changes to job roles.

The level of financial support available via Access to Work

Access to Work will normally cover 100% of the costs for:  

  • people who have been working for less than 6 weeks when they first apply for Access to Work
  • the Mental Health Support Service
  • support workers (job coaches)
  • additional travel to work and in-work travel costs
  • communication support at interviews.

The level of grant will depend on:

  • whether the person is employed or self-employed
  • how long they have been in their job
  • the type of help required (1). 

Cost-sharing between the employer and Access to Work

After 6 weeks, the cost-sharing rules apply. This means that Access to Work will refund up to 80% of the permitted costs between a fixed threshold, which is dependent on the number of employees your company has, and £10,000. As the employer, you will be asked to pay 100% of costs up to the threshold and 20% of the costs of anything in between, up to £10,000.

Number of employees Amount of threshold
0 to 49 employees nil
50 to 249 employees £500
Over 250 employees £1,000




Any costs above £10,000 will normally be paid for by Access to Work. The maximum amount of funding per person is currently £66,000 per year, delivered through Access to Work, Access to Work Plus or a combination of both. Although the amount of this cap depends on when the grant was awarded or last reviewed (2). 

For further information, and to find out how to apply, please visit the DWP website

Access to Work Plus

People with high in-work support needs can additionally apply to Access to Work Plus.  Access to Work Plus awards are an extra part of someone’s Access to Work grant: after submitting an Access to Work application, people can complete the Access to Work Plus Referral form for additional funding and support.

It provides disabled employees additional types of in-work support not available through Access to Work. It also provides funding for employers to adapt, share or flex job roles.

Access to Work will carry out a holistic assessment to identify the adaptations and support the disabled employee requires, including any adjustments the employer has put in place and how the job has been shaped for that employee. 

For further information, and to find out how to apply, please visit the DWP website.