We support Bill Mumford in his decision to step down as programme lead for the Joint Improvement Board following the latest safeguarding incident and investigation at a MacIntyre service. It is crucial that this incident receives his full attention at this time. The priority must be to ensure that the individuals are safe and receiving appropriate care and support, and that their families are also supported.

The work the Joint Improvement Programme was established to do still remains worryingly incomplete, with the June deadline to support people with a learning disability to move back to their communities having long passed. It is fundamental that the resignation of Bill Mumford does not further delay a vital programme of work that is already well behind schedule.

Steve Sollars, whose son Sam was in Winterbourne View for two years up until 2010, says:

How many more people with a learning disability need to experience cruelty at the hands of those who are trusted to care for them before the Government will make this programme a priority? How many more care scandals need to hit the headlines? We, the families, want to see this important programme of work fast-tracked and we want to advise the Government every step of the way.  


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About The Challenging Behaviour Foundation

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation (CBF) is a charity providing information, support and workshops around challenging behaviour associated with severe learning disabilities to families and professionals.

The CBF leads the ‘Challenging Behaviour National Strategy Group’ which seeks to influence policy and practice nationally and has developed the Challenging Behaviour Charter. The Challenging Behaviour Foundation was founded in 1997 by Vivien Cooper, parent of a son with severe learning disabilities who displays behaviour described as challenging.

Today the Challenging Behaviour Foundation is in regular contact with over 5000 families and professionals across the UK. There are an estimated 30,000 individuals in England with severe learning disabilities and behaviour described as challenging.