Family support

Find out about Mencap's support services for families

Family support is a specialist service providing flexible, tailored support to parents and children.

Who is family support for?

We provide support to parents who have a learning disability, or to families who have children with a learning disability.

How can we support you?

Our support enables and assists parents with a learning disability to provide a nurturing and positive framework for themselves and their children. Alternatively, our service can support families who have children with a learning disability, offering assistance, respite and care.

When is family support available?

Support is tailored to the needs of each family and can be during the day, in the evening, over night and/or at weekends.

Where is family support available?

We can provide support in the family home or in the community. We offer this service across England and Wales. Visit our search page to see if this service is available in your area.

How can you access family support?

You can access family support using your personal budget or other form of direct payment, by paying with private funds, or with funding directly from your local authority.

Contact us

Get in touch with Mencap Direct to find out more, freephone 0808 808 1111, email or use our contact form.


How family support works

This profile of a local Mencap family support service shows how we work with people with a learning disability and their families to help parents and carers cope.

Accessing the family support service

Mencap's family support service is registered under the domiciliary care regulations.

Supporting families from BME communities

Mencap welcomes families, carers and people with learning disabilities from all minority ethnic communities.