Every council must have a Local Offer of support that it expects to be available in the local area for children and young people with SEND. The local offer will be available on the council’s website – if you are unsure, you can find your local council on the gov.uk website.

The local offer should have information about the following types of support for children and young people with SEND:

  • Education support, including nurseries, schools and colleges.
  • Health support, including therapies available to a child or young person.
  • Social care support, including short breaks.
  • Support to help young people to live independently.
  • Support to help young people to find employment opportunities.
  • Support to help young people find suitable accommodation.

You have the opportunity to comment on your local offer, including what you think about it and the local support that is available. Your council must publish how it intends to address any issues you raise.

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