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Raising Our Sights guides

Mencap and the PMLD Network have produced a series of how-to guides and films to help local areas meet the needs of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD), funded by the Department of Health.

Raising Our Sights guides are aimed at families, commissioners and anyone responsible for supporting or developing services for people with PMLD. You can download the guides for free below.

What is Raising Our Sights?

In 2010, Professor Jim Mansell published a report called Raising Our Sights, which looked at services and support for people with PMLD. In the report, Professor Mansell outlined what is needed to improve the lives of people with PMLD. These how-to guides focus on his key recommendations.

10 how-to guides

The 10 guides below cover different topics and show you how to:

  • recognise good services and support for people with PMLD
  • challenge and campaign where people with PMLD are not getting the right support
  • make these changes happen if you're a commissioner, including checklists for commissioners on each topic.

6 videos about PMLD

These six Raising Our Sights videos accompany some of the guides and illustrate the importance of making these changes. They also highlight the impact that the right support can have on the lives of people with PMLD and their families.

Raising our sights


Download the report Raising our Sights: services for adults with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities, written by Professor Jim Mansell.

Download PDF report

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