How you want to hear from us and the security of your details are top priorities for all of us here at Mencap, so we are making this fundraising promise to you.

You can tell us how you would prefer to be contacted or that you are unhappy about something by calling our Supporter Care Team on 0845 077 0777 or emailing them at

We always follow the latest guidelines from the Fundraising Regulator and the Charity Commission, if you think we have failed you and not been able to resolve your query through our Supporter Care Team then please contact the Fundraising Regulator.

We will not swap, sell or give your details to third party organisations for marketing purposes. We use other companies to provide services on our behalf, including delivering post, analysing data and processing credit card payments. We will only provide those companies with the information they need and we make sure that your data is treated with the same level of care as if we were handling it directly, and they will not swap, sell or share your details for any reason. For full details see our privacy policy.

If you contact us with any changes to your details, or how you want to be contacted, we will update this within 2 days. Please be patient though as we prepare mailings and emails up to 1 month before we send them, so you may receive a few more before the changes take effect.

We won't use small print in our communications with you.

You will receive letters and our magazines about what we're working on and how you can help. These are a great way for you keep an up-to-date with our news, but we won't send them too often.

If you have registered with Telephone Preference Service, we won't contact you unless you have given us your phone number and your permission for us to use it. We will call you to tell you what's new and how you could help. It's nice to speak to you now and again, but we'll never call you more than twice a year.

If you have given us your email address and permission to use it, then you will receive emails from us, we'll make sure you can stop them or change the sort of emails you receive if you would like. If you buy or order online, then you may get email confirmations if you have provided your email address.

Please note Mencap do not conduct door-to-door fundraising activities. 

If you are contacted in person by someone claiming to be from Mencap for fundraising purposes at your home, please do not hand over any financial details. Please report any fraudulent activity to our Supporter Care team on: or 0207 696 6007.

The Fundraising Regulator

The Fundraising Regulator holds the Code of Fundraising Practice for the UK.

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