What is mental health?

What is mental health?

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Mental health is our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. ​

3 pictures of the same young man. In the first picture he looks sad, in the second picture he looks happy and in the third picture he looks angry

Emotional wellbeing is how we feel inside. 

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Psychological wellbeing is about how our minds work, day to day. 

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Social wellbeing is about how you connect to and communicate with people around you. 

The same woman is pictured three different times showing 3 different moods

Our Mental Health affects how we feel, what we think and the things that we do. ​ 

A woman with her hands on her head feeling stressed

It also helps control whether we feel stressed or not.  

a woman in a wheelchair has her hand on another woman's shoulder. Behind them is a drawing of coloured flower petals

Good Mental Health helps us make healthy choices and relate better to others.​ 

Relating to others is about how well we can understand and share with other people. 

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To keep up good mental health, you need to know and understand what makes you feel good. 

A woman thinks about different feelings she has

What is emotional wellbeing?

Emotional wellbeing is how well someone can manage and accept their feelings.​ 

Accepting your feelings means you understand that it is normal to have difficult feelings sometimes. 

A woman in a wheelchair has her hands raised smiling

Someone with good emotional wellbeing can cope with challenges in life. These challenges can be good or bad. 

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