What is gender?

What is gender?

Outlines of a man and a woman on a red background.

At birth people are given a sex as either female or male.

This is decided by a doctor and based on the person's private parts.

A man thinking with a thought bubble above his head, with male and female outlines inside it

People do not always feel the same gender as the sex they were given when they were born.

People can feel one gender, both, or neither.

A man pointing at himself

Gender identity is your feelings and understanding about your gender.

A man choosing between two shirts

People can express their gender through the way they look and behave, like the clothes they wear or the way they do their hair.

A man shrugging

Some people do not feel only male or only female, or they are unsure.

People who feel this way can say they are non-binary.

It is OK to be non-binary.

Outline of a person on a red background

Transgender people do not feel right in the body they were born in.

They feel different to the sex they were given when they were born.

A woman pointing at herself

Transgender people want to live their life as the gender that feels right for them.

Two men shake hands and talk to each other

If someone feels this way they can talk to someone they trust.

Signpost pointing in different directions

People have choices about what they can do if they are transgender.

A man and a woman point at some medication.

Some people can take medication or have surgery to change their appearance and body.

A woman holding up a blue and red shirt.

Other people just choose to wear different clothes or have a different name.

A woman smiles and stands in front of a plan

It is up to the person to decide what they want to do.

It can take time to know what feels right for them.

A group of people including nurses and support workers standing behind a young woman.

It is OK to be transgender.

There are people and places that can give help and support.