What to do if upset by a friend Easy Read

What to do if a friend upsets you

A woman leaning her chin on her hand thinking

Take a breath

Think about what you want to say.

A woman with her arms open explaining something to a man

Tell them what upset you.

Explain how you feel.

Listen to what they have to say.

A woman with her head down and her arms folded looking sad

If you aren't ready to forgive them, take some time and space.

A smiling counsellor talking to a woman

Tell someone you trust about what happened so they can help you.

Two people in hoodies with a red cross over them are pointing to, and talking about, a girl who looks sad

It is not a good idea to ask other people to get involved.

It is wrong to tease someone.

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It is a bad idea to post about it on social media.

This can be seen by anyone.

It could make people upset.