Learning Disability Week 2024

Learning Disability Week 2024

A group of people cheering behind a sign that reads Learning Disability Week 2024 Monday 17 - Sunday 23 June

Every year we celebrate Learning Disability Week.

Two people talking with speech bubbles coming from their mouths

It is a week where people show what life is like if you have a learning disability .

A man in a red shirt holding up his hand and pointing to himself with the other

This year the theme is “Do you see me?”

Two women have their arms around each other and their other hands are raised with their thumbs up

“Do you see me?” is about people with a learning disability being seen, heard and valued.

A woman talking to a man

Being valued means that people are respected by others, and their views and feelings are listened to.

A man in a suit is pointing to a checklist which has green ticks on it

We want Learning Disability Week to be about:

A man in a white shirt smiling and holding a trophy
  • Celebrating the things that people with a learning disability do
A man holding his hand up in front of him with a stern look on his face
  • Challenging the barriers that people with a learning disability face.

A barrier is something that stops someone from doing something.

A calendar showing June 17

Learning Disability Week starts on Monday June 17 2024.

A man shouting with his hand to his mouth and a speech bubble over his head.

Let's tell everybody about Learning Disability Week 2024!