CVs, cover letters and completing application forms Easy Read

CVs, cover letters and completing application forms

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What is a CV?

A CV is a document that employers will look at to see if you are the right person for the job.

CV stands for curriculum vitae. These are Latin words.

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What do you put in a CV?

A CV will be full of information about you that relates to the job you are applying for.

It should contain information like:

• Your name

• Contact information like a phone number and email, but NOT your full address

• Any jobs you have worked in before

• Any work experience you might have done

• Your best qualities

• Any life experiences that you can apply to the job.

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What is a cover statement?

A cover statement is a small amount of writing that explains why you think you will be good at the job you are applying for.

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It should explain why you think you will be good at the job and what your best qualities are.

It is your chance to shout about what you think are the best things about you and to sell yourself to the employer.

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A cover statement is a good way of introducing yourself to the person who might be about to give you a job.

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What does an employer want to know about you?

An employer will want to know about your:

• Skills

• Experience

• Qualifications

• Attitude.

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If you do not have much experience of employment , make sure you show what life experiences you have and show that you want to learn.

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Examples of experience might be:

• Other jobs you have worked in

• Work experience you have done

• Volunteering you have done

• Any examples of your day to day life that might make you suitable for the job.

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Employers like people who show that they are keen and really want the job.

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Help to complete an application form

Somebody from Mencap or another local support provider may be able to help you complete job applications. 

You can find out what support Mencap offers and where here.

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Friends and family members might also be able to help you with this.

They will be able to help you answer some of the questions you aren’t sure about.

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Asking the employer if you need to complete an application form or provide a CV

If you find online application forms difficult, it is OK to ask if you can send a CV instead.

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You should let the employer know that you have a learning disability and ask if they could make reasonable adjustments.

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Things to remember

Your contact details.

A calendar behind a clock with a question mark next to them.

The date and time for when the application form needs to be handed in.

A laptop with Email on the screen.

Who to send the application form to. 

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Information and support

To find out more about Mencap’s employment services and where we offer these, go on our website.

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Or email us at 

A woman holds a red telephone against her ear

Or call our helpline: 0808 808 1111

a picture of a job centre with a sign on the door that says 'welcome'.

If Mencap do not offer support in your area, you may be able to find help through your local job centre.

You can find your nearest job centre here.

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Or your local council might be able to help you.