Today is World Kindness Day, which is all about being kind to other people.

This week is also the start of Anti-Bullying Week which is all about what we can do to stop bullying. I have had my own personal experience of being bullied throughout my life and I think it needs to stop. It can cause emotional hurt on someone for the rest of their life. 

The theme for World Kindness Day this year is ‘Be Kind Wherever Possible.’ Some of the things I try to do daily to be kind are making sure my family and my friends are all ok. I do this by keeping in touch with people by phone and email.  

One of Mencap’s values is being kind. These values are very important to us and describe how we work.  

I try to do this by supporting my colleagues with their work at Mencap and listening to them when they are sad or need to have a chat over a cup of tea. I always think things are better after a cup of tea! 

When I am out and about travelling, if I see that someone needs my seat like a pregnant lady or someone with a disability, I always give it up so they can sit down.  

I think with everything going on in our world at the moment, it is a scary place and so it’s important to be kind and to think of other people because you don’t always know what it is going on in someone else’s life. 

Mencap has a range of resources for you get support or advice around bullying, all on our website.