In this short interview we asked Suzanne, who works at Viaplay, what she thinks of her other role; corporate volunteering with Mencap.

"Mencap have always been part of my life since I was a young child, my brother had severe learning disabilities and I remember my mother always championing Mencap’s message over the years.

My brother Robert sadly passed away during Covid and I wanted to give back and connect with people like him. I know how important it is for people with learning disabilities to have social interactions, so participating in these events and fundraising for the causes which help Mencap on a daily basis run these sessions, is so important when they lack funding." 

I really liked talking to all the Mencap attendees and seeing how much joy they get out of these sessions. My brother used to be taken to similar events and you could tell he really enjoyed being part of the group activities." 

- Suzanne: Corporate events volunteer Mencap

"Working closely with the attendees and seeing them have a real sense of achievement and build confidence in themselves!"