I went to Poland recently to meet people from the Inclusion Europe Safe Surfing project to discuss how the online training sessions went. We socialised in the brilliant city of Warsaw and explored it for a few days in a wonderful week in June.

I went with my colleague Deborah who works at Mencap, we set off from the office and headed off to Stanstead with loads of time to spare. I now love airports and planes and felt like I was in a film like Catch Me If You Can.

We flew for about two and a half hours and landed in sunny Poland. We went to our hotel, which was part of a leisure centre and had a huge swimming pool. Most of the people who were staying there were the partners on the Safe Surfing project. We went to an office a few miles away where Anna one of the partners worked, she hosted the meetings there and gave us a tour of the building, which had a workshop and a pottery room too.

We met to evaluate what we did in the online training sessions and what people thought of our training. We also discussed what is happening next for the group, which is a lot of admin things like expenses.

Anna was a great host and helped everyone with transport and where to eat in the city centre, I took pictures and enjoyed the sights and tastes and went on the buses and got cabs too.

We went to a few restaurants, polish being the main type of food and it was nice and I even ate my least favourite vegetable beetroot.

We also went around the old town of Warsaw; it was like a film set out of The Sound of Music. I looked for souvenirs of scarves, dolls and purses, I bought a gift and took a picture of the town centre and so did my colleague. We waited for a bus to take us to the airport where we sat waiting for the plane to take us back to the UK.

All in all, it was an excellent trip and I enjoyed being with Deborah, she was helpful and good natured and I am now confident flying and going through security.

To all people with a learning disability taking a trip for business or leisure, I hope you enjoy it like I did! So bon voyage for now.