I started running as I got to 40 and was feeling that I was getting old and sluggish and had a friend who felt the same!

I chose to run for Mencap as I think if you do something positive for an organisation that resonates with you (for whatever reason) it is hugely rewarding.

Due to my personal experience of growing up with my sister, who had Cerebral palsy, I have a direct understanding of how Mencap can help people and how any funds I raise can change lives.

My sister received support in a number of ways from Mencap at a time when there was not as much support as there is now for disabled people and their families from public services.

Woman smiling with her eyes closed with her arm around a child in a seat next to her

Meeting Mencap

After my sister's diagnosis, we were contacted by Mencap who invited us along to events. We met families in similar situations, who we still know to this day.

It was a very lonely time following Felicity's diagnosis, with many unknowns, and Mencap were a supportive presence.

With fundraising, I would recommend making it as personal as you can. 

Running in my sister's memory enabled me to open up to friends about her life and explain what Mencap do. 

I have had so many lovely conversations with friends and acquaintances, remembering Felicity, when previously i did not talk about her with some of my newer friends. 

I think because of this personal connection my friends have been even more generous. There are many who have said they will sponsor me, and I plan to send out another message to them in the run up to the race.

Two women wearing running clothing stood next to each other outside

Making progress

As I have one half marathon under my belt, I don't feel too bad about race day! 

It is hard work though and running is something you need to practice and invest time in for it to be a satisfying hobby. 

I like to get the first 5km out of the way, as it sometimes feels like you are running through treacle.

I have a great running partner though, and we have some great conversations while running!

Find out more

See how Charlotte's getting on with her fundraising, or to give your own donation, by visiting her JustGiving page.

Also, if you fancy cheering our fantastic #TeamMencap runners on during the race, you can join the Mencap Cheer Squad at the London Landmarks event from 9am to 12:30pm on Sunday 25 March 2018.

Or, if you're feeling inspired, check out some of our other events and see if there's something you'd like to be part of with #TeamMencap. We'll support you throughout your journey, with fundraising and preparing for the event, as well as on the day.