Natalie: What was your first job, and did it help the skills for the job you have now?

George: I’d say it would be when I was filming a parkrun documentary with Sky Sports as I was the main person in front of the camera presenting the documentary. This has helped me with my camera awareness and just to be myself as this is what my mum and dad has always said since I was younger.

Before that, I worked at Café 21co which features in the Sky documentary!

N: How did you get into the television industry?

G: I was filming a video with dad busting the myths on Down Syndrome with BBC Bitesize and that went viral. A couple weeks later, one of the main producers Claire Taylor saw the video and said that I’d make a great presenter on CBeebies, so I went down to Salford to do a Screen Test Audition with one of the presenters called Rebecca. 

A month later, I got the call from Claire saying I got the job as a presenter on CBeebies and I squealed down the phone as I was super excited to get started. My TV Career has grown since then.

N: Have you always wanted to work as a presenter?

When I was younger, my sister Lauren and I would perform in mini performances in front of mum and dad, so I’ve always had a massive dream to be a performer. There weren’t any presenters with Down Syndrome when I was younger, so I always wanted to be represented and wanted to be on the TV presenting and acting to make that representation better and things are now slowly improving. I am now living my dream!

N: Have you ever watched yourself on TV? If so, how did it feel?

G: Yes, I have watched myself on TV such as when I was on Casualty, World on Fire and the Christmas Special of Strictly Come Dancing. It feels very proud and super exciting to see myself on three popular BBC One TV Shows.

N: How did the opportunity to write this book come about?

G: Before, I started to write ‘This Is Me!’ a few publishers got in touch with my agent, and we had a few online video calls. We then chose Scholastic, and we started to write ‘This Is Me!’ which is inspired on the poem of when I was launched on CBeebies.

It started as a two book deal. When I was at a children’s festival called Gloworm, Claire and I were talking about the name of the second book. I say, “Why Not?” lots of times so that became the name of the new book. That’s how "This Is Me!" and "Why Not?" came about.

N: I've been writing a book too! It took me roughly two years to write my book. How long has it taken you and how have you found the process?

G: For each book ‘This Is Me!’ and ‘Why Not?’, has taken me one year each to write these two books and for the illustrations too. I've found the process very fun and lots of great teamwork got into them. It's been an incredible journey.

N: How did you feel seeing your book in person and on Amazon? I cried with excitement when I saw mine on Amazon!

G: I feel very excited and proud seeing the book in person and on Amazon. It's been the Bestseller of a few categories on Amazon and that feels super happy and amazing.

N: Would you like to write any more books in the future?

Yes, I would like to write more books in the future. I’m currently working on my first fiction book from the ages of 6–8-year-olds still working with the amazing Scholastic. The working title is ‘George and the Mini Dragon’. It's super exciting and it will be filled with magic, wonder, and adventure.